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Rewards Programs
 Mogl is a fun rewards systems that offers 10% back on all purchases and donates meals to the local community.
unnamed SpotOn has become widespread for rewards with its check-in point system.

Payment Systems
 Square is the premier mobile payment system for accepting all major credit cards and offering touchless payment via its app suite.
 Paypal has always been a big player in the online world, now developing into the mobile and touchless payments.
 Google Wallet paved the way for touchless payments and continues to maintain a loyalty of tech-savvy users.

Location-based Service
 Foursquare is the premier location-based checkin mobile app, with checkins, users can unlock badges, titles and deals!
Yelp reviews are held in high and holy regard among the internet elite, now with location-based checkins and customer rewards!
 TripAdvisor is a popular resource for the world-weary with reviews and business information for the common traveler.

 Etsy proves that it has been a solid medium for displaying your products to the world, and giving them easy options to purchase.
 Fancy is a fine mobile app that offers unique products to its following, with coupons and social networking options.

 WordPress is the professional choice for your website with an open-source spirit, free blog service and free server-side software.
 Tumblr, acquired by Yahoo! in 2013, seeks to redeem its place as a worthy service for short blogs and sharing photos.
 Blogger was bought by Google in 2003 and continues to rock as a solid choice for free weblogging in all the technosphere.

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