Foursquare (Superuser Level 2)
One of the premier location-based services for your on-the-go lifestyle. Discover new local places and check-in to unlock deals and connect with your friends and the community upon visiting the hottest spots in town.

Galactic Spacebook (“Peacekeeper”/Moderator)
Evolving Galactic Culture on Earth, this network connects those involved with the practices of the Law of Time and provides an underground social outlet for the World 13 Moon Calendar Change Peace Movement.

Space Station Plaza (Social Consultant)
Connecting people and events using the Dreamspell codes of the Law of Time, SSP seeks to bring further understanding and astrological significance to our daily lives via the 13:20 natural timing frequency.

Green Ticket Bakery (Webmaster)
A friendly San Francisco Bay Area-based business which provides the highest-quality cookies, brownies and other baked goods to the medical cannabis community.

Drawing on the Moon (Social Consultant)
This full moon transformational culture camping retreat held in Southern California promotes engaging various scenes into one united festival devoted to music, the arts and communion with nature.

Past Endeavors
UC Davis LGBT Resource Center (Webmaster)

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